The Musical Merchant





Bard, College of Lore










Drow, Undercommon, Drow Sign Language, Common, Dwarvish

Aldiirn is a half-drow Underdark courier brought to Baldur's Gate in search of his missing clansmen, only to go missing himself when scooped up by an illithid nautiloid. Aldiirn is capable in magic, using his flute as a focus, but his true talents lie in persuasion and deception to get the best deal in any matter of trade.

His companion quest is The Musical Merchant.


Raised in the cruel confines of Lolth-sworn society, Aldiirn is devoted to seeing the Underdark become a place of empathy and equality. He does his small part as a courier for the merchant clan Iaurrhen, using his better sunlight tolerance to run deliveries between the Upperdark and World Above and act as an intermediary trader for clients conducting business across realms.

Religious Ties

Aldiirn worships Vhaeraun, the Masked Lord, drow god of rebellion, gender equality, and thievery. Though Aldiirn's practices and cooperation with non-drow peoples reflect Eilistraeean rites and tenets, Aldiirn does not revere her beyond her time and influence as the Masked Lady. Between deliveries, Aldiirn occasionally aids Vhaeraunite cells in raids on the surface or Lolth-sworn operations by providing cover or distraction.


Extend a hand but keep a fist ready; Aldiirn favours cooperation and avoiding violence through persuasion or deception, but knows that blind trust leads to death amongst Underdark residents.

Aldiirn is approval-seeking which leads him to accepting orders from most anyone, and the desire to win approval from all parties is what drives his renown negotiations - and neuroticism. No approval is often interpreted as disapproval and Aldiirn will go frantic trying to win clients over at his own expense. He is susceptible to intimidation from women and will usually submit to demands to get out of the situation quickly.

Aldiirn dislikes racial discrimination, given that his half-drow heritage makes him out of place below and above, but he's not above playing up stereotypes to get his way. He detests acts of cruelty and unnecessary violence but is alright with thievery and some other non-violent crime.

Aldiirn is vegetarian.


Despite the large scar marring his face, Aldiirn has cultivated a soft look to put prospective clients at ease - or maybe he just really likes mushroom stew. He's short, stocky, baby faced even for a young adult half-elf, and in good shape thanks to the courier gig keeping him travelling. He keeps his hair long and uses it to cover the worst of the scarring.

Aldiirn dresses well thanks to many gifts from clients, though he overestimates how loudly topsiders dress. He prefers to wear purples.